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Vợ và bạn gái binh lính Anh mặc bikini chụp lịch

Một nhóm vợ và bạn gái các binh lính Anh vừa thực hiện bộ ảnh lịch bikini gợi cảm nhằm động viên những người đàn ông của họ đang chiến đấu ở chiến trường Afghanistan. Hình ảnh trên The Sun.


Derrick Burts, the porn actor who tested positive for HIV, has revealed his identity and called for major changes to the industry, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Burts, who performed in both straight and gay porn under the names Derek Chambers and Cameron Reid, was previously cloaked as Patient Zeta after testing positive at Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation in Sherman Oaks on October 8. He called for mandatory condom use in porn and better sex disease testing.

The clinic announced that he had acquired it through personal intercourse, a charge he disputes. "There is no possible way. The only person I had sex with in my personal life was my girlfriend," he told the paper.

Burts said the clinic told him that they traced the disease back to a "known-positive" gay cast mate. Before HIV, Burts said he had contracted herpes, gonorrhea and chlamydia in the business.

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